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Aguri-san put the ring on her left middle finger with a bitter smile. Then…

“Ah, then I should give you a ring as well.”

“Eh, really? Well, give me a ring that can be pawned for a high price-“

“Yes, it’s a very high- temperature onion.”

“That’s just an onion ring!”

The gal handed a cold onion ring to me. I hesitated to put it on my middle finger.

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“…Uwah, it’s greasy!”

“This is 180 carat.”

“180 carat doesn’t mean something boiled in 180-degree oil! Also, it’s not even hot anymore!”

“Ho, …I wonder what’s not hot anymore? Is it the ring or our relationship…?”

“It’s both the fried onion ring and our friendship! What the hell is this!? Take it off!”

“That’s mean, Amanocchi. I’ll never talk to you again if you take it off.”

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“This is an impossible game! This thing will rot in a few days even if I try my best!”

“Well, consider that the end to our friendship. Well, but I’ll take this off before that.”

Aguri-san took off the wrapping paper ring I gave her- rudely.