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Having heard the answer, Karuizawa inserted the straw into the pack and sipped milk from it.

"That's right. Certainly, if you know the answer, it's simple. However, to arrive at this answer in the middle of the exam is no easy matter. Just with the three 'targets' in your own class, you won't be able to find proof of the rules that determine the 'targets'".

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Including oneselves, if the names of all 3 'targets' for a class were known, it could be said that one would finally begin to see the possibility.

And besides, even if one realizes that the order of the surnames that correspond to the order of the zodiac is how the 'target' is determined, there is still no changing the fact that the first time answering is risky regardless. Because, by some chance, if the wrong answer were to be given, one would incur a considerable amount of damage.

Of course, if one wins the bet, then it's possible to overturn everything in one stroke.

"What worries me is Class C. I think during the middle of the exam, Ryuuen-kun discovered the rules".

Hirata's conjecture is most probably spot on. If that's not the case, he would not have been able to do all that.

"But, isn't it strange? If that's the case, why did he make a mistake?".

"I was also uneasy about that too. Even though there was a massive risk involved, if he understood the rules then ultimately it wouldn't have been strange even if he had seen through all the 'targets'. In other words, there should have been no mistake".

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However, judging from the situation, Class C gave a wrong answer. Horikita then voiced her deduction she had made from a slightly different perspective.

"Even if Class C is seemingly dominated by Ryuuen-kun, couldn't it be that it's not monolithic? There should be more than a few people dissatisfied with his dictatorship".

"Certainly, that's true. The right to answer is given to all students, so students who did not comply with Ryuuen-kun's plan or those he failed to control making a blunder. That line of thought cannot be ruled out either. If they gave a correct answer, they stand to gain a massive amount of points after all".