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The excitement when we left the restaurant disappeared out of nowhere. We started complaining after just a single minute.

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Both of us didn’t check up on each other, and we just walked towards the familiar game store in a straight line. …No one said anything, not even looking to the side.


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Chiaki and I are too uninterested in anything other than gaming. That’s the fatal point.

For example, …right, if it was Aguri-san, who’s the complete opposite of me, instead-

“Please go to the game store with me, Aguri-san. Here.”

“I guess I can. …Eh, Amanocchi, I want to check out that T-shirt. Come with me!”

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Yep, a “two-person sized desire” will started conflicting with each other like this. You can kill a lot of time, whether it’s good or not.

However, for Chiaki and me, …which is the so-called “clone partners,” this won’t work at all.

Our desires entirely overlapped. Honestly, it’s the exact same as spending the holiday alone. We’ll just pick the shortest route and head to the destination silently.


That “it’s happy to be friends” declaration vanished right away. Currently, the two otakus are putting their minds entirely on gaming and are just moving on the street boringly.

…C-Can we call this a date? I should say, it’s already quite questionable as to whether this can be defined as a “happy time you spend with your friends,” right?

Although we shared the thought, we couldn’t answer if you asked us if there any solution. I mean, unless we’re arguing about gaming, …the two of us can fight forever. But, aside from that, we lacked any sort of interaction methods.

…I felt slightly irresponsible. So, I glanced at the sky and tried to “chat normally” with Chiaki.

“…Nice weather.”