W Is W. What makes money?

W Is W. What makes money?

(I only have 15 thousand gold on hand, huh…)

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This is all the cash that I can use in this spring training camp, and the remainder of the winning prize from last year’s regional Sword Festival.

(…This is precious money. I have to be careful on how I spend it.)

After confirming my own attack power, I finally moved on to inspecting the enemy’s fighting power.

(T-This is quite pricey…)

Even a shirt or a handkerchief is slightly over 3,000 gold.

This must be the so-called “tourist price”.

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(I have to find something with a cheap enough price and decent design.)

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After looking around the store for some time, I finally found the one that matched the conditions.

(…All right, I’ve decided on this!)

A light cherry-colored wristwatch, 2000 gold.

The price is modest, and the appearance is stylish.

Then I paid at the register and safely got a sakura product for myself.

(And that’s done with… I think I’ll look around the store a little until everyone is done shopping.)

As I went down the aisle along the flow of people, I found everyone else.

Rose was staring at a folding fan with a serious expression, and the president was trying on various hats happily.

Lilim-senpai tried on a variety of sunglasses in high spirits, whereas Ferris-senpai was looking at accessory cases.

She stared at a glass case with a difficult expression on her face.

(She seems to be quite focused…)