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Is the online beaded manual make money true?

“If that’s the case, in the end, don’t you think we don’t know anything about each other? It’s okay to talk about the world outside of this place, right?”

“Hmm, …one of my uncles is annoyed at his growing leg hair…”

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“Tasuku, that’s boring, stop it. Moreover, I don’t feel comfortable hearing it.”

“What do you want from me?”

Uehara-kun’s at a loss. …I feel bad for him, even though that’s indeed boring.

When everyone’s hesitating, Aguri-san spoke up. “For example-“

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“You guys think that I always go to the family restaurant to talk to Amanocchi after school, right?”

Everyone immediately nodded at Aguri-san’s question. Her expression instantly died a little, but she cleared her throat and continued.

“However, a guy like Amanocchi is just one of my many friends to me.”

“W-Why do you have to put it in such a mean way!?”

“Sorry, I was a bit too mean. I should correct myself.”


“To me, …Amanocchi is just a class lower than all of my friends. He’s a slave in a special zone!”

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“Wow, I’m honored to hear that I’m special! …A-Aguri-sama, your phone looks a bit dirty. Should I help you wipe the screen clean? I’m using sandpaper.”

“No, thanks! Let go of my phone, you slave…!”

“T-There’s no need to be polite, Aguri-sama…!”

We pulled Aguri-san’s phone around with a twisted smile. Once we snapped out of it, everyone in the Game Hobby Club is giving us the “usual” cold stares.

We quitted fooling around, and cleared our throats. …Aguri-san continued.

“A-Anyway, I feel pretty upset when you guys think all I do is mess around with Amanocchi after school.”