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“You want me to refuse to disclose the information?”

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“Is that difficult?”

“That’s not the case. I can understand your fear of an information leak, and your desire to make sure that doesn’t happen. The school has no reason to refuse your request either. But, of course, it’s conditional.”

“Conditional, is it?”

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“I have to determine whether or not it’s the general will of the class. Has everyone approved of it?”

“I didn’t take their words for it, but…… I think it’s safe to consider this to be everyone’s general will on the matter. Since no student wants their class to lose.”

“You can’t say that either. I’ve said something like that before, but each individual person can have an unexpectedly different opinion. It wouldn’t be strange for there to be a student who wanted to lose.”

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Chabashira-sensei crossed her arms and added further:

“Furthermore, can you guarantee that the exam questions you have there are what your entire class expects? Your class hasn’t collectively consented to the questions before you brought them here.”

“Are you telling me to prove it? Do you want me to circulate the questions to everyone and confirm that there aren’t any issues?”

“I didn’t say that. I mean, things aren’t that simple. It’s impossible for me to tell if the student, Horikita Suzune, standing here before me is acting for the sake of her class. Nevertheless, I’ll grant you your request. If any students are to come in contact with me, I will never disclose the questions and answers that you’ve created.”