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And yet, Sakayanagi had put a stop to even that.

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“That’s fine then. After all, I don’t want you to hold back our class moving forward because you become consumed by self-despair. However… If by chance you were to go against Class A in the future…”

“I told you I understood. You don’t have to drag anyone else into this.”

“I’m glad to see you’re so sensible.”

If Katsuragi were to bare his fangs at Sakayanagi out of resentment because of Totsuka’s expulsion, Sakayanagi was threatening that she would have someone else expelled next time. Sakayanagi was well aware that, as long as Katsuragi was obedient, he’d be able to contribute greatly to the future success of Class A.

Like this, Katsuragi had given in entirely. Without any means of going against her, he had no choice but to raise the white flag and surrender to Sakayanagi.

“Well then… I wonder how the other classes are doing right now?”

Of course, as far as Sakayanagi was concerned, Class B and Class D weren’t even worth thinking about.

The only thing she cared about was what had happened within Class C, the class that Ayanokōji was in. She couldn’t help but look forward to hearing about it.

(Part 1 End)

Back within Class C, the sound of Yamauchi restlessly tapping his foot was extremely distracting.

“Yo, Haruki… Try and quiet down a bit.”