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“That’s right, Boss Pei. You’re extremely busy. You probably didn’t have time to keep an eye on those things. I’m referring to what happened to Tomorrow is Beautiful when it premiered overseas last weekend.”

Pei Qian’s hand trembled as he tried to maintain a firm grip on his coffee cup.

He was finished. Whatever was coming would come!

It was still early in the morning-oh no, in the afternoon—and he was already receiving such grievous news!

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This had been delayed for a long time. After all, a movie had to go through a complicated process to be screened overseas.

In fact, it had been so long that Pei Qian had subconsciously forgotten about it already.

Yet, now, one sentence from Ruan Guangjian awakened all the fear Pei Qian used to have because of Tomorrow is Beautiful.

He still remembered the night that he had gone to watch the first screening of the movie. He had finished the entire bucket of popcorn and not uttered a single word.

After recovering from the initial shock, Pei Qian felt angry.

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Good on you, Ruan Guangjian! Every time I see you, nothing good happens!

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What’s more, what has the overseas screening got to do with you? Even if I’m to be backstabbed, it should be by Huang Sibo and Zhu Xiaoce. Why are you snatching their jobs?!

Just draw your pictures and stop interfering in other people’s business!

Pei Qian forced himself to remain calm. “Do you like watching movies, too?”

Ruan Guangjian nodded profusely. “Of course! I’m a loyal fan of this movie! I’ve watched it a couple of times! What’s more, many of the actors in Struggle were bit-role actors in that movie, right? I needed to draw more materials, and so I ordered the movie online to watch it whenever I want.”

Pei Qian: “...”

You watched the movie multiple times and even bought it online? Are you afraid that I wouldn’t die an ugly death?

Pei Qian was speechless. He did not want to speak to that fellow anymore.