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“At the very least, I got the impression that you’d been fully prepared to force my expulsion this time around. The only thing that needed to happen was for the White Room student to make contact and partner up with me. However, none of the first-year students ever ended up doing something like that.”

Of course, there were those such as Tsubaki who had wanted to pair up with me, but I wasn’t going to count something as trivial as that.

“In fact, I’m almost tempted to start thinking that there isn’t even a White Room student amongst the first-years at all.”

“But you don’t really think that, do you?”

“It just seemed unconvincing, is all.”

“Well, thanks to the OAA app, I was aware that you were having trouble finding yourself a partner up until about halfway through the exam. However, you are an exceptional person. As such, it was determined that it would be too risky to send in my enforcer only to have you uncover their identity so easily. I thought that it would be wiser to try for another time instead.”

“How easygoing.”

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“Maybe so.”

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“Or perhaps the White Room student disobeyed your orders and took action of their own accord. When put that way, everything seems to fit together quite nicely.”

“Dear lord. You sure come up with some interesting ideas.”

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Amused, Tsukishiro narrowed his eyes; Taking a sip from the cup of tea he had prepared on his desk.

After a brief moment of silence, he put the cup down.

“Very well. It’s a bother to have you seek credibility from my words and the like, but I’ll admit it. It’s true that I had planned on guaranteeing your expulsion this time around. However, that child simply disregarded it.”

While Tsukishiro had denied it at first, he promptly changed his tune and admitted the truth.

“They’re just a child, after all. So if they’re just going through a classic rebellious phase, it’s fairly endearing, but if not… then I might not be able to take this matter so lightly.”