Can online brewing software make money?

Can online brewing software make money?

「Then, release the spell and get up! I shall guide you to the precise points.」

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That’s why I decided to clench my teeth and endure it, and then lifted 【Vier】 and returned to reality.

『Then, ready? Here and here. Thrust it in, go!』

“’s bullshit after all.”

『Never mind that, a little. Just the tip... little by little...』

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“Little by little... Or...”

『YAH!! 』

“Higu! ...... Aagh.”

The moment I applied acupuncture needle at the point I was told to, I got scared. As I just held acupuncture in my hand, Tre’ainar startled me from behind, and I was so surprised it got to the root....

“Gag gyu gah aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!”

My body burst open suddenly.

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My internal organs seemed to explode.

My whole body is burning hot.