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“This older brother doesn’t even want his little brother to have a friend! Uh, even though I don’t want to befriend Kousei at all! I’ll never wish to hang out with a person like him!”

“Ugh. I-I can’t believe you said you don’t want to be friends with my little brother. Konoha-san, what are you trying to say!”

“How annoying! What’s wrong with this pair of brothers? What a pain in the butt!”

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Konoha-san put her hand onto her forehead before sighing loudly. Then, she said “anyway” impatiently before going back to the topic.

“Currently, what happened between Kousei and me wasn’t important, right. Moreover, in reality, our relationship isn’t that good.”

“R-Really? That’s great, …I’m sorry.”

I scratched my head. I think blood just rushes up to my brain whenever things involve my little brother, and I said something really impolite to Konoha-san. I need to apologize.

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The street lights are firing up on the street in preparation for dusk. Konoha-san looked at that scene carelessly as she continued.

“Let me get this straight, senpai. You want to ‘pry’ on the reason of breaking up, that’s why you came to see me, right? It’s because I’m quite close to Tendou-senpai recently.”

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She got me. I dropped my shoulders and sincerely apologized to her.

“Uh, …Konoha-san, I’ve heard from Tendou-san that ‘you’re quite close to her’ on the school trip. That’s why I, …I’m sorry.”

“It’s okay. I think it’s bound to happen for a person in love. At least, I love this kind of enthusiasm that ignores one’s reputation.”


Somehow, I respected this young high school girl that sounds a bit light, which is something that I haven’t felt in a long time.

“Right now, I want to find a dark corner and drag senpai in as well.”

However, it lasted for less than 2 seconds.

“Please return my admiration.”

I complained dumbfoundedly. Konoha-san then told me this with a sad expression.