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“You selfishly abstained from both the uninhabited island exam and the athletics festival!”

Their conversation began to draw eyes from around the class.

At this point, the weak minded students were looking for the person who would become the sacrifice, all so they could avoid being expelled from school.

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“It is you who doesn’t understand, Red Hair-kun.”

Kōenji crossed his legs and stretched them out over his desk.


“It seems that you’re under the impression that everything you’ve cultivated over the past year is the key to conquering this special exam.”

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“That’s exactly how it is!”

“Wrong. This special exam has its sights undoubtedly set upon the next two years.”

Kōenji flatly rejected Sudō’s opinion, or rather, the opinion of the entire class.

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“Huh? What are you saying…?”

Completely lost, Sudō probably thought of this as Kōenji’s usual nonsensical behavior.

“Would you listen? This exam is literally a special case. Isn’t it customary for a class to receive a large penalty when somebody gets expelled? This time, however, that’s not the case at all. In other words, this is an extremely suitable opportunity for us to rid ourselves of an unnecessary student.”

“So, I’m saying that you’re the unnecessary student; a total burden to the class!”

“Oh no, not at all.”

“Wha? …How can you say that!?”

“If you want to know, it’s because I am amazing.”

Kōenji spoke with overwhelming boldness, as if declaring that this was the final say on the matter.

Sudō faltered in the face of his complete lack of hesitation.