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There were only a few simple notes.

‘Overtime is prohibited in principle.’

‘If there is a need to work overtime due to work, you’ll have to report to the person-in-charge of the department. The in-charge will apply for an overtime quota and can only work overtime when this application is approved.’

“Report to the person-in-charge of the department immediately if you feel work pressure. They will recruit new employees as soon as possible.’

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‘It’s strictly forbidden to contact colleagues for work reasons during non-working hours as it will cause trouble to your colleagues.’

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The other comments were similar to the above.

Wu Bin’s head was spinning.

The contents were basically pointing to the same point: no overtime! The content that Wu Bin was expecting did not appear at all!

For example, work arranged by the in-charge had to be completed on schedule or colleagues cannot shrink on their responsibilities…

There were no such sayings at all!

Wu Bin thought that it could be further behind, but he turned the page over only to find that the new employee handbook was done!

What about the explanation of the Tengda spirit that he anticipated?

What about the hundred expected employee codes?

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He closed the handbook, remembering nothing but the delicious meals and various benefits.

Wu Bin felt lost, vaguely feeling if there was something wrong somewhere.

Soon, the young man from the administrative department finished helping Wu Bin deal with various internal matters, including granting access to the intranet, creating an employee’s account for Wu Bin to access TPDb’s internal forum, and the like.

Wu Bin received his mouse from the young man.