Example of writing novels in full-time mom

Example of writing novels in full-time mom

Did they understand now? Just like that, Sakayanagi made them slowly come to an understanding.

For the first time, doubts about Acting Director Tsukishiro and the end of year exam flashed through Mashima-sensei’s mind.

“It was rare to have an exam that made use of such large scale equipment and the teachers knew that, but the fact of the matter is that Acting Director Tsukishiro prepared that in order to illegally intervene with the exam.”

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Sakayanagi subtly intertwined lies, mysteries, as well as the truth together.

Because of how much Tsukishiro had planned out, only he would know the situation completely.

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Instead of confirming the facts, it was an appropriate explanation based on her conjectures, and she acted as if it were the truth.

Such words will be accepted by the teachers.

Mashima-sensei and Chabashira wouldn’t be able to understand it entirely due to the sheer volume of information just revealed to them. As Sakayanagi was still explaining the topic, in order to keep up with her, their minds will have to treat what she said as a fact.

“That is to say that the information Ayanokouji-kun inputted and the information Horikita-san heard- that is, the content read by the machine, was different. If she had followed Ayanokouji-kun’s real instructions, I would have lost instead. Do you understand what that means?”

Sakayanagi smiled, testing their ability to understand.

Could they understand with just that? This restricted the answer of the other party to only one possibility.

“You mean that Acting Director Tsukishiro-manipulated the results from behind the scenes?”

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“Because for him, the protection points Ayanokouji-kun holds was in the way of his true objective, to get Ayanokouji-kun expelled.”

The two teachers did not speak.

But before long, Mashima-sensei asked something.

“Was what Sakayanagi said true, Ayanokouji?”