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The lower your grade was, the more likely you would be the next to drop out.

After seeing Yamauchi, who had his own fair share of problematic behaviour, drop out, he began to realise that he might be next.

“Don’t laugh, it’s not like me to say these kinds of things.”

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“Although it’s true that this isn’t like you…I’m the same.”

Shinohara wasn’t someone with excellent grades, nor was she a person with great merit.

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Although their gender separated them, they both had a similar status.

“I don’t laugh at guys who want to work hard.”

Shinohara nodded her head resolutely towards Ike while saying this.

“I’ll work harder next year. I won’t lose to you!”

“I’m not even afraid of losing to you.”

You could say that Ike and Shinohara’s relationship had progressed here.

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In the future, they might even inspire other students to work harder.

If someone walked ahead, the others would follow. Making use of this mutual relationship was important.

“Look, Shinohara.”