Case that makes money online

Case that makes money online

“What we should do now is to quickly publicize ICL league and create enough popularity. As long as it becomes popular and the live-stream platform recognizes its value, their alliance will naturally collapse. Then, there will be platforms to buy the broadcasting rights of the ICL league privately.”

Eric nodded. “Yes, that makes sense.”

“At the end of the day, we have to let these live-stream platforms see the popularity.”

“How’s ICL’s promotional video going?”

Zhao Xuming said, “Don’t worry, it’s done! This time, we gathered all the veteran clubs and all the celebrity players in the country to film the promotional video. We obtained many scenic spots in Shanghai. The effect is absolutely great!”

“What’s more, we learned from the previous World Competition promotional video. We made many cool post-production special effects for the promotional video. It’s definitely not bad!”

Previously, when Zhao Xuming was working on the promotional video for the international competition, he happened to bump into GPL’s Spring Competition promotional video. It was a tragic sight.

The promotional video for the GPL’s Spring Competition directly used a pure CG method to press Zhao Xuming’s traditional method of publicity film to the ground.

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That was why Zhao Xuming had learned to be smart this time. He added many cool special effects and game material in the promotional video. He combined the players, scenes, and game characters with CG technology while filming many landmarks in Shanghai to create a promotional video that he was very satisfied with.

The reason why he did not copy the GPL’s pure CG format was mainly because he was afraid of being scolded.

The current version was not a copy of the GPL, but it had a style and standard. It could only be said that the huge price was worth it.

Zhao Xuming was very confident about this.

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Eric nodded. “Very good. Get ready. We’ll release it tomorrow. Then, we’ll follow up with the publicity as soon as possible. We have to make the ICL league more popular as soon as possible!”