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The protagonist’s public school was very different from the rich version’s private school, but what was even more surprising was the after-school entertainment.

In the rich version, the player’s entertainment was in horse-riding, archery, music, and art while in the poor version, the players’ entertainment was running in and jumping in his own backyard, riding a bicycle, or playing football.

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These mini-games were done very well, but they were dull compared with the rich version.

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He An wanted the protagonist to learn through his habit instead of running wildly in the yard every day. However, he soon found that he was out of funds.

Getting the teacher to teach him the cello at home cost 75 US dollars an hour.

Parents bring their children to swimming lessons for 20 US dollars per 30 minutes. If it was a professional course, it would be 200 dollars per hour.

A 30-minute gymnastics class, with five to ten children per class, would have the teacher leading the warm-up for two minutes and then the rest of the time would be the parents and children playing with props and equipment. That caused 20 dollars per class.

These courses were of inferior quality with not so cheap pricing, which had to be booked more than two months in advance.

The most obvious difference between the rich and poor version to He An was the dullness.

He had only a few options to choose from because he had no money. No matter whether it was running around in the yard or riding a bicycle, he could feel very obviously that he was wasting time.

At the same time, the poor version was also very typical—with serious obesity problems, which was completely in line with the stereotype.

After his childhood came his youth. The protagonist entered high school by studying hard and went to college with loans. In high schools, there were more activities. He could participate in choirs and orchestras; he could also participate in debates.

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The rich and the poor protagonists were working almost as hard, but there was a big gap in the resources they could obtain.

His type of work would be determined by whether he managed to enter university or not.

If he did not possess any professional skills, he could only work as a waiter in the restaurant, a cleaner, a caregiver for the elderly, or a tally in the supermarket. He would still go bankrupt even if he worked two jobs seven days a week.

His colleague accidentally sprained her leg while cleaning. She dared not call an ambulance or even return home to rest. She could only continue kneeling on one foot and continue cleaning. That was because she could not even afford to lose a day of salary. The team leader told her to ‘calm down and work hard to get over it’.

If they wanted to get a job in the low-end service industry, they could only find such a job in big cities. However, the rent in these cities had been pushed up to an almost unaffordable level by the rich.