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The central street of Cantidan, which was filled with street vendors and merchants during the day, is now filled with hundreds more people who are considered to be noblemen, creeping around.

Around them, the Kamikaze Gang were sharp eyed and vigilant... what...... the hell?

『Follow them...』

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For that reason, I also hid my face.

Fortunately, merchants on the street were selling masks, glasses, and other items that can hide one’s face, perhaps ‘for those who have forgotten their masks’.

Such a commercial soul, I was impressed.

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So, while there were a lot of designs with bad tastes, I found the one that was decent.

It’s a pair of glasses that workers use to protect their eyes at coal mines and mining sites......they’re called ‘goggles’.

Red frames and bands with yellow glasses. I thought they looked cool, and I bought them though at 10,000, it was a bit expensive.

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Now only I have 20,000 in my possession.... Well...... Let’s really think seriously about money.

“Anyway, let’s check out this town right now.”