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What makes money on online platform

All of you are simply too ridiculous!

Pei Qian watched Ma Yang’s soaring livestream audience and Weibo fans, but he could do nothing.

However, the worst news was not the increase in fans, but that the netizens in the livestream and Weibo were starting to have fun bickering!

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He had to say that Old Ma giving DGE players special training had become too good of entertainment for the audience.

There were also a large number of players who heard that Boss Ma would throw money on Weibo so they went to Weibo to follow him and left messages, turning into a carnival.

After the three games, a large number of viewers were attracted to the Old Ma’s livestream, and his popularity exploded!

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Ma Yang’s huge face was full of smiles in the camera.

“Okay, let’s stop here for today’s practice. I should go to Weibo to do some business.”

The DGE players finally heaved a sigh of relief, leaning on the gaming chairs and feeling like their souls were sucked out of them.

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The mental stress playing with Boss Ma was greater than the global finals!

Ma Yang took a can of Coca-Cola from the club’s fridge and opened it in his seat with a ‘psst!’ He raised his head and drank half a can, feeling that it seemed like a good opportunity to promote his popularity and began to communicate with fans in the livestream.

“Please follow me if you have not done so. You don’t need to give gifts; I don’t need this bit of money.

“Why follow me? Where can you find a player who can command and operate like me? Isn’t my technique worthy of attention?