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Lin Wan took the piece of cake that looked like raw steak. She ate and replied. “Of course, we have all experienced it. However, we saved our progress at the last point because we are staff. The honor of completing the Thriller Hostel first has to be reserved for a true... hardcore player.”

She did not look at Qiao Liang, but the pause in her sentence seemed to be hinting at something.

Qiao Liang had an incredulous look on his face. “Did... all of you... pass?” Saving at the last point was no different from passing the game. Qiao Liang’s fans obviously did not buy it as well. Forget about the others, Lin Wan passed it even though she was a girl? Lin Wan guessed what Qiao Liang was thinking seeing his expression so she smiled slightly and took a bag of plasma from the side to drink from it. “Are you thinking that I’m exaggerating?” “Then... do you know about ‘Smog Mountain’ State Mental Hospital?” “We specially went to ‘Smog Mountain’ State Mental Hospital for five whole days to obtain materials for Be Quiet.” Qiao Liang and the fans did not stand in awe because they were directly shocked. ‘Smog Mountain’ State Mental Hospital was touted to be the scariest haunted house on earth! This group of people actually played there for five entire days to collect the materials?

Were they humans?

They finally understood why these people could clear the stages so calmly. The Ultimate Horror would be a walk in the park even if it was on the same level as ‘Smog Mountain’ State Mental Hospital!

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Qiao Liang suddenly felt very ashamed. He looked at the weak lady who could stay in ‘Smog Mountain’ State Mental Hospital for five whole days because of work!

Yet, he himself had no courage to even step into the Ultimate Horror...

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How embarrassing! It was so embarrassing! Ruan Guangjian chose the perfect time to ask. “Then, is there any difference between Thriller Hostel and ‘Smog Mountain’ State Mental Hospital? “Both are outstanding, but I think the details of Thriller Hostel were done much better. It is easier to persevere. That’s all because Chen Kangtuo managed everything well,” Lin Wan said after some thought.

“No, this credit belongs to Boss Pei.” Chen Kangtuo refuted by shaking his head.

Upon hearing the words ‘Boss Pei’, everyone present sat upright.

Chen Kangtuo became immersed in his memories. “Boss Pei gave me a very unreasonable mission that day. He told me to keep going through the ‘Thriller Hostel’ project until I was very familiar with every single detail inside.

“For a couple of days in a row, I spent seven to eight hours in the Ultimate Horror. I scoured every single detail and thought about how visitors would feel about them.

“On top of that, Boss Pei set up special props within the Golden Maze to further divide the difficulty levels. Depending on which props the visitors enter with, they would obtain a different experience...”

Everyone listened intently, a look of genuine respect on their expressions.

On one hand, they really respected and worshiped Boss Pei. They had not expected Boss Pei to be able to bring his gaming concepts into the haunted house, to deliver a unique wandering experience to visitors.

On the other hand, they also respected and worshiped Chen Kangtuo. How could he experience the Ultimate Horror non-stop for close to a week? That made him an ultimate ruthless man!

Qiao Liang perked up and listened intently, not willing to miss any detail.

Obviously, this was critical information!