Is that platform platform to make money?

Is that platform platform to make money?

Pei Qian thought all the designs were satisfactory. Thus, he replied, “They’re all not bad. Leave it for now. When the cell phone designs are complete, we’ll still have time to decide which logo to use.”

November 12th, Friday…

Pei Qian was planning to go to Dream Realization Ventures to look for Ma Yang.

He wanted to go the day before, but it happened to be Singles Day. Pei Qian bought all sorts of stuff online and ended up being held back.

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Since his packages were not due to arrive yet, he had time to spare to look for Old Ma.

He had transferred the twenty million yuan to Dream Realization Ventures on Monday. Five days had passed since then. A portion of the money should have been spent.

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However, based on Ma Yang’s character, Pei Qian guessed that he was still struggling. Until now, he probably had only spent a maximum of two or three million yuan.

Pei Qian had already repeatedly emphasized to Old Ma that he needed to act when he had to and that he could not hesitate.

However… this was twenty million yuan after all.

Pei Qian was afraid that Ma Yang would not dare to spend the money. That was why he wanted to come down to Dream Realization Ventures; he wanted to check out the situation and give Old Ma some things to think about while he was at it.

Dream Realization Ventures had already rented an office space, which was a fifteen-minute drive from Tengda. This office was also located in a luxurious office building.

Pei Qian referred to the address he had and traveled to Dream Realization Ventures and then walked in quietly.

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A huge carpet had been laid out on the ground. Thus, Pei Qian made no sounds as he entered the office. The huge office was still empty, but he could hear shouting inside, echoing throughout the entire space. “Quick, quick! You can beat him, you can beat him!”

“Kill that loser first!”

“Hurry, rescue me!”

“Escort! Escort! Protect Boss Ma!”

There were twenty-odd workspaces in the huge space, making the office look like an internet cafe.

At the moment, Ma Yang, He Desheng, and other newly-recruited odd-job workers were deeply engrossed in their computer screens, clicking and tapping away at their mouses and keyboards. It was obvious that they were in the middle of a war.

When he saw this scene, Pei Qian was practically moved to tears.