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Tendou-san smiled happily when she saw me like this again…Yep, I’m glad to know that I’m disgusting when I can see a reaction like this.

Just as I’m going over these dumb thoughts, the driver finally came back. He closed the door as he announced that the bus will start soon.

The bus slowly went through the roundabout. We stared at the view outside dazedly, the lights coming from the bustling downtown is flashing through the window.

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After the bus started moving, there’s not a lot of time for us to be alone together. It was embarrassing just then, but now I’m starting to miss the time we had.

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“My home is at the next station.”

“Yeah. You’ll go shortly.”

“Yeah. That was fast.”



The artificial voice announcing the next station is echoing throughout the bus…After this one, Tendou-san will drop off at the next stop.


Even though I knew I should say something, nothing showed up on my mind right now.

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I’m thrilled to know that my girlfriend just said she wanted to take our relationship a step further. That’s a blessing for the guy. I was suspecting whether I’m dreaming or not.

However, this is reality. Also, that’s why…I can’t just be reveled on my own. No, it’s more like…

“What…should I do…”