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“This is nutritious and healthy. I do not need to worry about my health when eating. Moreover, these are all home-cooked meals. I wouldn’t get tired of these dishes even after a long time. I’m blessed to be Boss Pei’s employee! Other people would never enjoy such benefits!”

“How much do you think this combo cost for outsiders?”

“I think it costs at least twenty yuan.”

“Twenty? Don’t forget that these utensils need to be returned! The labor cost of that is twice that of other food delivery services. I think this costs thirty yuan.”

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“Thirty seems a little expensive. I doubt anyone could afford that for a long time…”

“What are you guys saying? These are internal employee benefits. Do you think that Boss Pei is doing charity? Why would he sell such good stuff to ordinary people?”

“Didn’t this say Fish-Catching Take-Out? He is obviously planning to create a new food delivery brand!”

Lin Wan held her meal combo and was enjoying her food.

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She was used to having all kinds of delicacies. It felt nicely different to taste this kind of exquisite home-cooked meals occasionally. She was a little emotional as she ate.

In the six months that she was at Tengda, she seemed to always be moved by the touching scenarios that happened here.

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Boss Pei was treating his employees too well! How could the world not shower such a good boss with love?

Lin Wan finally made up her mind. She found a number on her phone. She had decided to do something within her means.

I sensed the presence of someone approaching us from behind. Their pace was quick. So much so that it was obvious that they didn’t intend to overlook the closeness of my conversation with Kei.

“Yo, Karuizawa.”

It was Hashimoto, who had been concealing his presence behind me ever since I left the lobby.

“…Uh, who?”

Kei didn’t appear to know who Hashimoto was, so she turned to me for an explanation.

“He’s Class A’s Hashimoto. I was grouped together with him during the training camp.”

“Oh yeah, and Ayanokōji as well.”