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There's nothing about how exactly, in detail, the exam will be conducted.

Furthermore, I looked at a sample schedule. After we wake up, we'd work on our morning assignments. Then we'd gather at the dojo for Zazen and then we'd go to work (such as cleaning).

Then we eat breakfast.

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Afterwards, we'll study various things in a classroom. After that, we eat lunch.

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We then receive assignments for the afternoon and once again we practice Zazen.

Then we'd have dinner and a bath and go back to bed. It's an entirely different lifestyle from the one we've lived up until now.

By the way, unlike our usual holidays, lessons will be held throughout the morning on Saturdays.

It appears we'll only be able to rest on a Sunday.

"More details on your schedule will be announced upon arrival at the outdoors school. What kind of special exam will take place and in what order on the last day is also something I cannot tell you at this stage".

It means that we'll have to play it by ear for the duration of the special exam.

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It could be that the subject they listed as 'Zazen' will also be a part of the exam.

It would be best if I assumed little things like posture and attitude will also influence the exam.