Is it gambling on the Internet?

Is it gambling on the Internet?

Editor: Deus Ex Machina

Note: Aguri refers to herself in the third person.

A certain day of a certain month. Today, Aguri finished the daily love report (it’s painful every time) at the family restaurant with Amano-chi and played around with the phone to kill some time before Aguri finished her drink.

“(As usual, Tasuku rarely contacts me…)”

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Feeling somewhat hurt by the truth today once again, Aguri turned off her phone.

Looking up, Aguri saw Amano-chi trying really hard to do something on his smartphone that he was holding in landscape mode.

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Aguri leaned against the table, rested her cheek on her hand, and gazed at him with a slightly amazed look.

“…Amano-chi, you really like your, uh, ‘beep boops’, huh.”

“‘Beep boop’? Not even old ladies say that anymore to refer to games, you know.”

Amano-chi didn’t look away from the screen at all while shooting back a tsukkomi. …Is being able to respond to Aguri without looking up from his game evolution or de-evolution…?

The ice cubes in the cup clinked against one another as Aguri stirred her soda with her straw.

“No, compared to other people playing around on apps, Amano-chi gives off more of a ‘gamer’ feeling… I guess you could say that it no longer looks like a smartphone.”

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“Are you saying it looks like I’m playing on a Game & Watch?”

“Huh? What? Watch? Are you talking about that thing that makes youkai appear?”[1]