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During the break, he opened his fan group, habitually wanted to see what his idiotic fans were discussing.

“Eh? The lousy author is editing the content of Eternal Reincarnation again?”

“Really? How do you know?”

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“I had nothing better to do so I read it again. However, the APP suddenly reminded me that the content of my chapter has been updated. I read it again and the plot changed completely...”

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“Indeed, the content that I saved previously is gone. I need to download it again. What’s more, there are many changes. There are at least sixty changes in the first hundred chapters...”

“Wouldn’t that be akin to rewriting it?”

“That’s not the case. Some chapters only change the dialogue and the names of the items. It does not affect the plot. Only a few chapters greatly revised the plot.”

“That’s a lot of effort! Actually, everyone who has written before knows that editing a book is much more painful than writing a new book. That’s because writing a new book is equivalent to painting on a piece of white paper. There are almost no restrictions. However, if you want to write a new book, you have to pay attention to the plot and foreshadowing of the front and back chapters. It’s like straightening out a messy pile of wires. It’s very torturous!”

“Is the author crazy... Is there a need to edit this book?”

“I don’t think it’s necessary either. This book is not bad. It just doesn’t fit the online literature model. I think from the perspective of Repent and be Saved players, this book will be given 80 points. A major repair would only give it 85 or even 90 points from 80 points. However, 90 points is useless. There won’t be many new readers. The fixed-rate contract is paid according to the word count. There won’t be additional income after the repair.”

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“In my opinion, if the lousy author has the energy, he might as well start a new book. There’s no need to keep fighting with this book that has already been finalized.”

The group of friends expressed their opinions, but it was obvious that most of them did not understand flying.