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Of course, it was not impossible to advertise. However, basically only large gaming platforms would reach this stage.

When certain gaming platforms had already developed into very large channels and made a lot of profits, and the previous plans could no longer have too obvious effects, they would then advertise online. They would even do television advertisements, seeking to break out of the circle and attract more users.

When were there small gaming platforms which advertised online?

Thus, Dawn Games platform’s behavior was indeed very abnormal.

Previously, Yan Qi had been anxious and angry when he saw Dawn Games’ making bad moves.

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However, on further thought, it was obviously unreasonable to attribute this purely to the person-in-charge of the platform as an outsider and too stupid.

No matter how stupid he was, there had to be a limit.

Such a choice was not difficult. As long as he gave a simple explanation, ordinary netizens would be able to distinguish which was more cost-effective and which was cheaper.

He could not possibly say that the boss of Dawn Games platform was a particularly ridiculous layman. He did not care and could not even listen to others’ opinions. He did not even have the most basic logical thinking and understanding, right?

That was too unlikely.

There were a total of four options for a certain multiple-choice question. The other three options could be confirmed to be the right answer with a single scan, but they chose the most ridiculous wrong answer.

Could this mean that there was a high chance that it was chosen wrongly on purpose?

What’s more, after thinking about it, Yan Qi realized that all the employees on Dawn Games platform seemed to listen to the boss.

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If it was a layman or an insider, these employees would more or less have some complaints and would not carry it out silently like now.

Thus, there was most likely a problem!

Yan Qi quickly continued watching.

“Obviously, there is only one explanation for this situation: Dawn Games platform is doing this on purpose.”

“The presentation of the number of bugs in the game on the platform and the various regulations of ‘take the game off the shelves if the recommendation rate exceeds 55%!d(MISSING)uring the probation period’ are actually all special experiments.”