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「Sensei, thank you for your hard work.」

「Aa, it was fun.」

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And then, she drank the tea in the teacup with a satisfied look.

「Is that right, glad to hear tha-… it was fun?」


It’s a little unsuitable to say「It was fun」as an impression of your work.

Doubtfully, I moved my eyes to see what sensei had been eagerly reading — it was Weekly Shonen Yaiba.

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Weekly Shonen Yaiba – a teen comic magazine that boasts overwhelming popularity among middle and high school boys.

Apparently, that’s what she had been reading all this while.

「Man, this week’s Yaiba was good overall! Especially reading all of it in one sitting was great! Let’s make a statement – this series will definitely blow up! The art is still rough and the story is also unrefined, but how do I say it – this welling up passion, like I could feel the『soul』in it!」

Sensei flushed and spoke so excitedly, just as a teenage boy would.

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「…Is that so?」

I want to chop up the foolish me who thought sensei was『cool』even for a moment.

Or rather, to think that she had us wait all this while just to finish reading a comic… my emotions had grown from anger to disgust.

It was the same for both Ria and Rose. Both of them were breathing heavily with a furious look.

(Is it really okay for this person to be the director of Thousand Blade Academy…?)

As that tinge of doubt crossed my mind, I asked sensei about something that has been bothering me lately.